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Dongguan PIN ZHUO Silicone Co., Ltd. is a professional rubber, silicone rubber extrusion and molded manufacturer. Since the founding of the company uphold the "quality of survival, to manage for efficiency, service and development, talent and progress, technology-possession of the market" business philosophy. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated decades of production experience, and has a strong technical team, Houde pragmatic attitude to serve our customers.

 At present, our company can supply all kinds of oil, heat-resistant, high-pressure resistant, ozone-resistant, chemical resistant, flame retardant rubber and general high performance rubber products. Our services include electronics, electrical appliances, hardware engineering, automobiles, computers, toys, lighting and sports Equipment or machinery as well as the requirements of the industry such as air and oil pressure.We thank our customers love, as long as the silicone rubber products, whether extrusion or molded products feel free to advise.