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Silicone rubber products, the main features and uses

2017-12-26 09:08:46 申博- 首页 Read

Silicone rubber products are based on methyl vinyl silicone rubber as a base, adding a variety of fillers (reinforcing agents, heat-resistant agents, modifiers, etc.) by mixing, Bonding and other production processes made. Vulcanized rubber products have the following characteristics:

(1) high and low temperature resistance: long-term use at 200 ℃, still flexible at -60 ℃;

(2) Electrical insulation: Silicone rubber has excellent dielectric properties, especially the dielectric properties at high temperatures are much higher than those of general organic rubber. The dielectric strength is hardly affected by the temperature in the range of 20-200 ℃.

(3) excellent weather resistance, ozone and UV resistance, long-term outdoor use without cracking. It is generally believed that silicone rubber can be used outdoors for more than 20 years.

(4) excellent high temperature compression set.

(5) good processing performance, easy molding, etc., can be extruded through the hot air vulcanization molding, molding plus, plus extension molding and other methods to produce a variety of products.

Due to its excellent comprehensive performance and good technical and economic performance, silicone rubber products have gained a wide range of applications in various fields of aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, electronics, electronics, instrumentation, automotive, machinery, metallurgy, chemicals, healthcare and daily life application.