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The difference between good and bad seal quality

2017-12-26 09:11:28 申博- 首页 Read

Plastic seal is the current steel, aluminum alloy, plastic doors and windows are generally used to install sealing materials between the glass and the door and window frame seal. Rubber seal is usually made of modified polyvinyl chloride material.

The advantages and disadvantages of the performance of the seal, to a large extent affect the building doors and windows of the air tightness, watertightness, heat loss and other important performance indicators windows and doors and windows and doors of the firm. To this end, the country has long been formulated GB12002-89 "plastic doors and windows with a seal" national standards. To standardize the production and testing of seals. 

However, the quality and price of rubber and plastic sealing articles for doors and windows on the market of building materials are very confused. Expensive fifteen thousand, six thousand yuan a ton, cheap only six thousand yuan a ton. Nearly 10,000 yuan price difference, a great difference in quality, people confused. Many seal manufacturers said their products are the implementation of national standards GB12002-89, and can be issued by the authority of test reports qualified. According to our company to the industry is currently being used well-known manufacturers of rubber seals, and sealed samples sent by the manufacturers to carry out the test, the hot air aging performance of the project in the weight loss index results surprising: more than 10 Sample, actually not one is qualified. 

In accordance with the provisions of GB12002-89 standards, sealing hot air aging performance of the project weight loss indicators should be ≤ 3%. The actual weight loss of the test results: 7.17% ~ 22.54%. Far beyond the scope of national standards. 

Such seals, in the formula by adding a large number of low-boiling plasticizer or plasticizer alternatives. Such a seal in the new time, flexibility, softness are still very good. However, over time, plasticizers volatilize more, the sealing strip of the flexibility, softness worse, ranging from the impact of the sealing performance of doors and windows, heavy will affect the firmness of the door and window assembly. 

In addition, the plasticizer content of the seal is too high, during use, plasticizers will also occur in contact with the polyvinyl chloride profiles migration phenomenon. Resulting in partial coloring and swelling of the frame sections. Namely: in the sealing surface contact with the sealing surface, there is a wide and narrow, can not rub, can not wash off the dark stains, and white body shape in sharp contrast, extremely affect the appearance. In the color trace due to the plasticizer immigration, while the local bulge. (Sliding doors and windows due to the seal and the exposed part of the profile is not exposed, the profile of local coloring and swelling phenomenon, under normal circumstances can not be observed while the open doors and windows in the open state, the sealing strip and the corresponding profiles out of contact, profile local coloring and The swelling phenomenon is exposed.) Although the partial coloring and swelling of the profile will not cause any serious consequences of failure of the frame and the fan profile, it seriously affects the appearance of the plastic door and window. After all, this is a flaw, after all, will have an extremely adverse impact on the image of plastic doors and windows.

In order to maintain the image of plastic doors and windows and to protect the healthy and healthy growth of this emerging industry, the manufacturer of the seal should actually produce the seal which is actually qualified. The plastic door and window assembly plant should use the truly qualified and high quality seal. Ensure the quality of plastic doors and windows