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Opportunities outweigh the challenges The future development of the rubber industry worth the wait

2017-12-26 09:10:32 申博- 首页 Read

Recently, the performance of the rubber industry is somewhat unsatisfactory. Data show that in March the domestic natural rubber imports fell 9.5%, to 190,000 tons. Insiders pointed out that the data indirectly reflect the market demand is constantly shrinking, for the entire industry is undoubtedly sounded the alarm.

It is true that the rubber industry is facing a critical period of opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the international economic environment has restricted the development needs of the industry. In particular, the impact and impact on exports are very great. On the other hand, the domestic rubber market has not yet fully opened, lack of motivation in demand also led to the entire industry in an oversupplied position.

However, from the long-term development trend of the rubber industry, this situation is expected to soon be broken. Especially with the good drive of national policies, the entire industry will face a broader space for development. For example, the high-performance reinforcing fibers such as aramid 1313, aramid 1414, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and carbon fiber mentioned in the 12th Five-year Development Plan of New Materials Industry are closely related to the rubber industry. Another example, "" Twelfth Five-Year Comprehensive Utilization of Resources, "the re-classified as waste tires in renewable energy recycling key areas, will undoubtedly further promote China's tire refurbishment, rubber powder, recycled rubber and other resource recycling industries.

Thus, although the domestic rubber industry is still in the stage of deep adjustment, its development prospect is still worth looking forward with the ferment of policy effects and the release of industry demand. In this regard, the experts pointed out that the domestic rubber industry as a whole is more opportunities than challenges, the industry continued to improve the trend has not changed. Therefore, the domestic rubber companies must take the initiative to make sufficient preparations to meet the great opportunities for the development of the industry.