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Silicone products finishing machine deburring, chamfering, leveling and polishing

2017-12-26 09:12:28 申博- 首页 Read

Silicone products due to the inevitable process of processing burrs, burrs, car knife pattern, the need for deburring the product processes; In addition, the workpiece requires higher processing requirements of higher polishing. Traditional manual deburring and finishing of the surface treatment of the workpiece, not only the processing efficiency and effectiveness is poor, but also consume labor, will greatly increase business costs and reduce profits.

The rubber specifically for silicone products to deburring and polishing and other surface treatment services and various types of finishing machine. Finishing machine through the grinding medium - abrasive, resulting in high-speed flow in the machine, rolling and other movements in the workpiece bore, surface friction, one-time polishing, cleaning, removal of rough and other precision grinding effect.

Advantages are:

1. Light rail metal, non-ferrous metals, hard plastic and other precision parts finished products, removal of burrs, chamfering, burrs, polishing, cleaning and other precision grinding work done once;

2. Irregular-shaped parts, holes, pipe, dead ends, such as cracks can be grinding processing;

3. Processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost;

4. After finished product is not deformed, does not affect the accuracy;

5. A variety of special purpose dedicated machine.